CouchDB vs Couchbase

If this whole time you are wondering in your mind about the differences between CouchDB and Couchbase. It is all about database. And it is also about how to manage your data. But, still they both often make confused many people not only on the almost similar name, but also on the each tasks. Without any further introduction, we will directly go to the review of CouchDB vs Couchbase.

CouchDB is one of NoSQL database-driven documents that fall into the construction of the Apache Foundation. Along with Cassandra, Hadoop, Lucene, CouchDB Tomcat, living the same House in the world of open source. One NoSQL database that has the same concept with CouchDB is MongoDB. CouchDB also became one of the pioneers of NoSQL databases before loved by developers in the present. CouchDB is built using a programming language Erlang who rely on reliability and concurrency. CouchDB is also one of the base in the development of IBM Cloudant, a cloud-based database solutions that IBM offered to the enterprise. Couch on CouchDB itself stands for cluster of unreliable commodity hardware. CouchDB has a device administration named Futon and having the user interface is very clean and simple yet very helpful to developers to perform database operations. In addition CouchDB uses Javascript to process the query and other database operations.

Couchbase is an open-source, distributed (shared-nothing architecture) multi-model NoSQL document-oriented database software package that is optimized for interactive applications. These applications may serve many concurrent users by creating, storing, retrieving, aggregating, manipulating and presenting data. Couchbase can store data as JSON documents, primitive data types, or binary blobs, each up to 20MB in size. This data is cached in memory and persisted to disk and can be dynamically rebalanced between nodes in a cluster to distribute the load. Couchbase buckets can be configured to maintain between one and three replica copies of the data, which provides redundancy in the event of node failure. Because each copy must reside on a different node, replication requires at least one node per replica, plus one for the active instance of data.

- A native JSON - document store inspired by Lotus Notes, scalable from globally distributed server-clusters down to mobile phones- JSON-based document store derived from CouchDB with a Memcached-compatible interface
- Developed Apache Software Foundation- Developed by Couchbase, Inc
- Implementation language for Erlang only- Implementation language for C, C++, Go, and Erlang

The reality is that Couchbase and CouchDB are closely related. The Couchbase product contains a copy of CouchDB. Couchbase product adds to CouchDB caching, clustering and more. Couchbase is typically used as the system of record for interactive software systems by replacing the role previously played by relational database technology like MySQL or Oracle. By embedding CouchDB, the database can now do that work on behalf of the application and without the need for a full database scan, because CouchDB can maintain an index that speeds that kind of query.

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