Couchdb vs Mongodb

Do you in Database field? And often being confused on how to find the differences between Couchdb and Mongodb? Database is a large field in information technology, the development are also getting increase day by day. People made certain database to make life easier because we live in big data area nowadays. See some quick and short reviews maybe will help you, and the review will be about Couchdb vs Mongodb.

CouchDB is an open source database developed by the Apache software foundation. The focus is on ease of use, embracing the web. This is a NoSQL database that stores documents. Using JSON, to store data (documents), java script as query language to modify the documents, the http protocol for the api to access the document, the query an index with the web browser. It is the application of multi carrier was released in 2005 and it becomes an apache project in 2008. CouchDB provides a restful HTTP API called API for reading and updating (add, edit, delete) database documents. Provides easy to use CouchDB replication, using which you can copy, share and synchronize data between the database and the machine. CouchDB implements a multiple version controls concurrency, to avoid the need to lock the database fields for writing. The CouchDB file layout and commitment system features all the properties of the ACID. After data is inserted into the disc it will not be overwritten. Document updates (add, edit, delete) following Atomicity, that is, they will be saved or not saved at all. The database will not have some documents saved or edited. (See also : CouchDB vs Couchbase)

MongoDB is one of open source noSQL database product that uses the JSON data structure for storing data. MongoDB noSQL database is one of the most popular on the internet. MongoDB is often used for Cloud-based applications, Grid Computing, or Big Data. Here is the terminology and concepts you need to know on MongoDB, to facilitate you, then I will create a comparison chart with the concept that is in the SQL databases: databases; Databases, table; Collection, row; Document, columns; Field, index; Index, and the table join; Embeded document. MongoDB is also already supports C, C++, C #, Erlang, Haskell, Java, JavaScript, .NET (C # F #, PowerShell), Lisp, Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby, and Scala. The performance offer MongoDB faster than MySQL and cached is due to the format of the documents that are shaped like JSON. Replication, is a feature that is very useful for backup data in realtime. MongoDB is suitable for a blog or a news portal, but not suitable for use in information systems related to finance because MongoDB doesn’t support SQL transaction.

- NoSQL databases are developed by Apache- MongoDB is a NoSQL database document based
- CouchDB doesn't store the data in a table- Keep its in a JSON document called BSON (Binary JSON)
- An open source- An open source

Couchdb vs Mongodb
You need Couchdb, if you need for accumulating, occasionally changing data, on which pre-defined queries are to be run. Places where versioning is important. While, Mongodb are for cases like if you need dynamic queries. If you prefer to define indexes, not map/reduce functions. If you need good performance on a big DB. If you wanted CouchDB, but your data changes too much, filling up disks.

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