Telerik vs DevExpress

If you are a .NET developer then there is a high probability that you are familiar with these third party tools. There are Telerik and DevExpress on your list, right? Before we go further to the main discussion, let us tell you that you are on the right page if you are looking for the best choice between Telerik and DevExpress.

Telerik is a 3rd party that provides control to the web application. Of course paid. The goal is to make it easier for developers to build the look and be more focus to the business process as well as his logic. Indeed, many of the control provided. But unfortunately the accompanying bug still quite a lot. However, the benefits derived from the use of Telerik is very much. Well, this time the author wanted to share the workaround (exit) of 1 bug that exists in the Telerik RadEditor. RadEditor is one control that exists on the Telerik AJAX ASP.NET for packages that are used like Rich Text with formatting, such as Bold, Italic, etc. Everything works fine in Firefox 16. But it turns out it looks a mess in IE9. After the author searched the forums Telerik, finally getting the answer: author css that should in get from its built-in telerik library is not obtained. The result we got its own register manually by adding this code in a page that uses RadEditor in it.

DevExpress is an extra application for Visual Studio that contains a control that helps us to create a professional applications (in terms of user interface), a more complete features, and quick to manage data and is a leading supplier of controls the addins ASP.Net used in the site ASP.Net and is used to add features, ease the task and save you time in creating a user program. DevExpress offers a set of presentation and reporting components as well as adding several functions, because that’s what every web site that uses many ASP.Net use this application because of its convenience to beautify the look without entering coding very much. One of the features of the flagship DevExpress is the “Master Detail” the gridview. So in our gridview could bring about such a detail header and detail that is connected by the Primary Key.

- High cost- High cost
- Provides control for web applications- Provides control for Visual Studio professional applications
- Can be used in ASP.NET- Can be used in Winforms and ASP.NET

Telerik vs DevExpress
Actually, both Telerik and DevExpress have the same strength since we know that both of them also do not come cheap. We recommend you to take a look for their demo’s trials before you make an option. The learning curve would be more or less the same depending on your experience with .NET and third party tools. But, we think that DevExpress is best-used for Winforms and Telerik for ASP.NET.

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